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FFA Club Night!

FFA Club Night is a new filmmaking program running on select Friday nights throughout the school... read more

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Festival Winners!

Students from Florida Film Academy won 1st and 2nd place in the iPic Theaters N Miami Beach Rising... read more

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24hr Film Challenge!


Join us for the 24 hour film challenge - a crime scene, a shallow grave and a mystery to solve.
Festival level filmmaking in 24 hours!

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Space Wars!


Club Night: Space Wars is SOLD OUT!

But don't miss our week long SPACE WARS SUMMER CAMP!

With Light Saber special fx, movie titles and HUD overlays.
More time - more fun - more filmmaking!

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FFA Students WIN Film Festival!

FFA Students WIN Film Festival!

Students from our High School Film Academy course WON the iPic Rising Star Film Festival in Miami!

Classes in East Orlando!

Classes in East Orlando!

Florida Film Academy is now offering After School and Home School Classes in East Orlando!

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