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Graduate of our Spring 2016 Filmmaker class: Example cinematic color grade

Filmmaking for Adults

Next Course starts in the fall!

Filmmakers in action – shooting on location for a recent short film for festival entry.

This 8 week long intensive program sees students work through every aspect of independent film making.

Using pro equipment and guided by industry experts, the crew gets to grips with storytelling, directing, filming, editing and finally mastering a fully completed short film.

Classes run from 7.15pm – 9pm, one evening a week.  Students collaborate online between classes.  The final movie is filmed outside of class times – usually a weekend – and puts into practice everything learned during class.

Kannan filming on location.

Subjects covered in the course include: 

  • Cameras, lens choice, camera movement and motivation, camera support, camera handling
  • Film theory and language more advanced scripting instruction, formatting
  • Developing the storyboard, concepts, adding cinematography/shots/angles/visual elements
  • Translating the script to filming – use of lenses, lighting and movement to portray emotional content
  • Crew roles – especially Director and DP, crew responsibilities
  • Casting, location scouting, production design
  • Hands on class in the role of DOP – covering decision making, camera operations, cinematography vs videography.
  • Lighting and sound
  • Pre Production Planning – the role of a producer in film vs television.
  • Editing, grading, sound design and delivery.

Training is hands-on…

Students learn by doing – completing short exercise movies in class.
Here are a couple of examples from our most recent course:

Frame grab from a recent short film, graded in Premiere.

Actors: Beth Brewster and Kathy Gregory.

Students collaborate online between classes on script, storyboard, shotlists, props and location scouting.

The final shoot usually takes place over a weekend with around 8-10 hours of location shooting.

Actors are hired as necessary for the roles.

Permissions, call sheets and stripboards are all completed for the production.

Posters for festival movies filmed by previous classes.

“The Whistle” made official selection for the Miami Independent Film Festival, June 2016

“The Limelight” was awarded 2nd place at the iPic Theaters N Miami Beach Rising Star Film Festival!

ffa_photoicon30Examples of final movies

ffa_photoicon30Examples of class exercise movies

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Got the bug?

We have a thriving team of class graduates continuing to work together to make more festival movies.  Florida Film Academy provides guidance, instruction and equipment as needed – we love filmmaking too!