Writing for the Screen - class for adults

Writing for the Screen

New class at FFA!

Writing for the Screen

Adult Course
Tuesday, November 14, 2017 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
During this 3 week class, students will learn the anatomy of a screenplay along with key subject matter:

understanding and knowing your target audience

breaking down and breaking in the studio door (finding out what producers and studios are looking for)

learn how to create and breath life into complex characters

know your genre and tips on elevating it

the battle for originality v.s. remake

reinforcing the importance of a strong logline and synopsis when pitching your project




About Mark:

Mark Moorer has been working in Film & television since 1996. He first started crewing on such films as “A Time to Kill”, “Ghosts of Mississippi”, “Oh Brother’ Where Art Thou”, and many more.

After college and film school, he continued to work on features, but fell into TV when The WB first launched their network, and started moving around the US ever since.  In 2002, Mark created and started a travel show called “Travel Spot Weekly” that was syndicated under Pegasus communications, aired on WB & UPN affiliates across the US, and ended after one season.
He then moved to Orlando, Florida and started working in TV there.  In 2007, Mark wrote three feature length screenplays, and signed on with LITTLE STUDIO FILMS in Los Angeles.  His second script, “GALLEON”, has been optioned and is currently in development with producers Alexia Melocchi and Alexandra Yalcovlev, of LITTLE STUDIO FILMS, and producer Marty Katz of MARTY KATZ PRODUCTIONS.

Since the move to Orlando, Mark has directed and shot four music videos, Director of Photography on the TV pilot for “TECHNOPOLIS”, has edited several trailers for LITTLE STUDIO FILMS that range from feature length films to documentaries, designed and created key art (posters) for said films, but for also spec projects as well.  Mark has been acknowledged as an expert in all aspects of production.  From graphic design, shooting RAW 4K video, editing, motion graphics, 3D motion graphic design, and screenwriting.
Mark currently lives in Central Florida with his wife Stacy, and his two children, Conner and Riley.