My Studio – for kids aged 5 & 6

Florida Film Academy is introducing 3 NEW classes for our youngest creatives!

Classes meet weekly either Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s! You book the best evening for your schedule!

My Book!

4:30pm – 5:00pm
$40 per month

Our kiddos work together to collaborate on their very own children’s book.

They will go through the entire process of story development, hand drawing and publishing their own original stories.

My Acting!

$40 per month

This 30 minute class is an exciting introduction to the world of acting!

Students touch on a variety of subjects like improv games, character development, performance art and so much more! Throughout the year their mini productions will be filmed to share with our families!

My Movie!

$45 per month

Kids start learning what it takes to direct, film, edit and STAR in original movies!

Students learn the art of teamwork, communication and leadership as they produce their own movies across the year!