Stegbones - Live the Legend


2000 years ago the Timucuan Indians inhabited the area now home to STEGBONES Fish Camp. Remnants of their culture can still be found along the banks of the St John’s River to this day.

BUT is that all they left behind? Are the spirits of the Timucuan still guarding their precious land?

There’s only one way to find out. Join us in November for a unique filmmaking weekend and explore the STEGBONE legend for yourself…

Programme: Arrive Friday November 9th:
Check into your cabin between 4.30 and 9pm

Depart Sunday November 11th: 11.00am

Price $395.00 All food, accommodation and equipment included.

WHERE: Stegbones Fish Camp
144 N. Fish Camp Rd. Satsuma, FL. 32189

This is a private Fish Camp – space is very limited. Boys and girls are housed in separate cabins. Counsellors are on site at all times.

The legend of Stegbones Fish Camp is entirely fictional, created from the imaginations of the Florida Film Academy team for the purpose of this filmmaking weekend and not based on any actual legend or story from the area. But after this weekend that may well change…