Summer Filmmaking Academy
at Flagler College
Week 1


Accepted into Monthly Edition of Miami Independent Film Festival!

"Quiet is Violent"

Accepted into Monthly Edition of Miami Independent Film Festival!

"Phase One"

Accepted into Monthly Edition of Miami Independent Film Festival!

"Wise Tale"

Accepted into Monthly Edition of Miami Independent Film Festival!

Congratulations to all our students – all 4 movies made for festival submission have been accepted into the Miami Independent Film Festival!
Amazing work from talented young filmmakers.

Caley Brooke

from the short film: Pickles

Residency and Day students joined us for an intensive week of filmmaking for the FFA Summer Filmmaking Academy at Flagler College, St Augustine.

Each team produced one major short film for festival entry and a number of smaller movies and documentary pieces while the main movies were in post production.

Students wrote, filmed and edited their own work, created festival entry asset materials, used a range of pro cameras and sound gear, edited in Premiere and FCPX and had a screening of their final work on the Friday.

Grace Lamerson

from the short film: Pickles

“Pickles” was written and directed by Molly Smith, filmed and edited by Avery Watson, assistant director was Baiden Greenstein and Keegan Connolly handled sound.

The one-minute movie challenge also produced another festival entry: Quiet is Violent.

Excellent work by this team in camera control and lighting – showing the actor but hiding the context of the room.

Molly Smith

from the short film: Quiet is Violent

JR Fondessy

from the short film: Phase One

A taut, psychological thriller, “Phase One” was another festival entry.

Filmed on a Canon C300 and edited in Premiere by Michael Hernandez and Alyssa Price.  Thanks also to FFA staff member: Tyler, who performed all his own stunts!

Extra shout out for this movie for the imaginative credit sequence.

Alyssa Price

from the short film: Phase One

Brian Dorchak

from the short film: Wise Tale

Rounding out the festival movies is “Wise Tale”.

Filmed on a C300 with prime lenses with follow focus, and featuring the photography students as extras!  Edit and grade were performed in Premiere.

JR Fondessy and Safiya Kazi

Presenters in the doco shortfilm on St Augustine.

Students also filmed a documentary short on St Augustine and a couple of one-minute movies.

Editing the movies came down to the wire – only just being ready in time for the screening on Friday.

Evan Robayo, Grace Lamerson and Brock Tammeus

from the one-minute short Try Hard

The festival-entry movies cannot be shown until the festival judging is complete – they will appear on our Youtube Channel then.

Enjoy these short films from the week – just a glimpse of the talent these young filmmakers demonstrated in this intensive week of production.