The Chase: A Week in New York

Chase scenes and ghostly sightings were the movie themes during our week at The Gow School – located in South Wales, New York.
17 campers signed up for our film camp and the students were completely engaged and fascinated by all the new content they learned.


In a span of 4 days our group created 5 original short movies using camcorders and editing on Final Cut Pro. The FFA staff was completely inspired by the tenacity and perseverance these amazing students had considering they had a short time to work on their films.

Here are a few of their films:

Paranormal Activity 2.5 features a few simple film and editing techniques to entice fear in the viewer.

Chasing Flags is a fun chase sequence with a unique plot twist at the end of the film.

The Assassins is a great example of filming the same sequence multiple times while using various shots and angles. You can see in the edited sequence how one scene is put together using multiple shots.



Here is a picture slide show featuring our week at The Gow School.



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