Ages 13-18

Courses for students aged 13-18...


Whether you're just looking for some film making fun or a full career in the media industry, Florida Film Academy has a great selection of courses, camps and events for film fans aged 13-18.  

Each course exposes students to all aspects of the film making process, from story development and script writing, through direction, camera and post production.  They work as a crew producing their own original short movies.

Our instructors are film and television professionals and we work closely with colleges and media organizations to help our students navigate the path to professional success.  

High School Film Academy

Our most advanced course, High School Film Academy teaches everything from story and structure to cinematic camera moves, lighting, advanced and professional cameras, full production sound and mixing, color correction and styling and professional level editing.  As with all our courses, learning is hands-on - our students make movies and learn by doing.

More information on HSFA can be found on our FFApro site.

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Our DSLR courses and summer camps introduce students to the full movie making process - lens selection, independent audio recording, story scripting and structure, basic lighting and storyboarding.  Featuring a more involved post production workflow - including visual and audio sync, color styling, transcoding and file management.  Students use Canon T5i cameras with a variety of lenses, filters and professional audio equipment. 

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Film Maker

Designed for our older students (Ages 13-18), Film Maker classes involve collaborative movie making, story design and team working with an emphasis on creativity.  Students are trained in all the movie making techniques and skills such as framing, angles, sound, story structure and advanced editing - but without the workflow requirements of the more technical cameras and equipment used in DSLR and HSFA.


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Ani Motion

In this advanced software driven DSLR animation class, students blend live action and animated sequences, using special effects and lighting to produce original films!

We use Canon T5i cameras - software controlled by DragonFrame, a perforated-steel based studio set and professional armatures. Resulting animations are brought into FinalCutProX for finishing and audio mixing.

The age range for Ani Motion is 10 years and up - but Ages 13-18 are ideally suited to the more complex effects and processes that are possible!

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