Black & White Photography Workshop – wrap up.

Having been introduced to the principles of black and white – and a 2 hour photo session using both 35mm and medium format vintage film cameras – we developed the negatives in Paterson tanks and Ilford chemicals.

The Workshop completed with students printing their photos in the darkroom.  Negatives were printed on Ilford paper using split contrast, f-stop printing techniques and tray developing. Medium format negatives were scanned to computer and tweaked in Lightroom.

As with all our courses, emphasis was on practical techniques that everyone can continue to practice at home – black and white film photography is not complex or expensive.  The use of film and limited exposures helps photographers think carefully before pressing the shutter and means more attention is paid to lighting and composition.

Enlarger setup with timer for 35mm film.

Flowers – Bronica ETRSi medium format camera, Ilford Pan F film.  Britain Rainville

Nikon F3, Ilford HP5+ film, 85mm portrait lens.

Trees by City Hall, Bronica ETRSi, medium format Ilford Pan F film.

Photographic prints from the session – Ilford Multigrade Pearl paper.

Temporary darkroom setup at the school – all of the techniques and equipment used can be used at home.

Shadow – excellent use of black and white – Bronica ETRSi, Ilford PanF film, developed and scanned in the session.

We have several more film photography workshops coming up in the Fall, along with Super 8mm movie filming workshops and classes!  Get in touch if you want to be contacted with schedules – and remember, one-one photography classes are always available.

Photography & Super 8mm workshops.

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