Creative Club!

Our daily workshops include science, history, animation, creativity, movement, storytelling - and much more! All wrapped into a fun and entertaining package that kids will love.  

Each day is different and every activity is designed to encourage team work, confidence, critical thinking, curiosity and imagination.

We are offering free pick up from local schools and free healthy snacks.


Our creative club is open from 3pm-6pm Monday through Friday - and you can choose to opt in by the day, week or save extra by committing to an entire school year.

And you can change days booked month by month without penalty!

Monthly fees start at:
1 day $75
2 days $140
3 days $200
4 days $225
5 days $295


Contact Us to learn more and to book your child's place!

407 654 8400

Email Stefanie!

Creative Club Flyer!