Photography is a language more universal than words.

  • 'Found item photography', mixing lighting and detail photography - a recent project for students at FFA.
  • Hard light and conversion to black and white...
  • Soft side light works for these old handtools...
  • A softbox is used to light the shiny surfaces of these discarded executive gifts...
  • Macro lens and side lighting bring out the detail in this candlestick...
  • Low key image and soft light for this tank...
  • Hard side lighting brings out the detail in this old stamp of Florida - showing Winter Garden - image reversed to be readable.
  • A stack of bricks with some soft light and image processing...
  • Isolating the object for more impact.
  • The location - initially overwhelming - but with a trained photographer's eye there is a wealth of opportunity here.

The Courses:

No prior experience needed - or even a camera!

Training is hands-on and interactive.

We concentrate on the creative side of photography rather than the technical.

Introduction to composition

  • Elements of composition
  • The 'Triangle' - aperture, ISO and shutter speed
  • Framing the image in-camera - rules and guides
  • Lens choice, zoom settings and the impact on the image
  • How to frame people in a  photograph
  • Telling a story in a single image
  • Telling a story in an image sequence
  • Creative use of white balance
  • Training the eye - how to see a photograph in everyday items
  • Review and Q&A

Lighting 1 - Continuous lights

  • Types of lighting, soft light, hard light
  • Use of light modifiers
  • Color of light - and how to use creatively, mixed lighting
  • Lighting everyday items with continuous light sources
  • Photographing people with artificial light
  • Product photography
  • Light painting

Lighting 2 - Strobes and Speedlights

  • Hard light, soft light
  • Light modifiers for flash - softboxes, grids, beauty dishes, bounce and direct
  • Strobes vs Speedlights
  • Portrait photography and studio lighting
  • Lighting on location
  • Mixing daylight and flash
  • Neutral density filters
  • Multiple light setups


  • HDR and creative tone mapping
  • Focus Stacking
  • Multi Exposure
  • Complex lighting
  • Smoke and Water photography

Introduction to the Digital Darkroom

  • Post processing workflows
  • Image management
  • Lightroom
  • Photoshop and creative plugins
  • Shooting for Post

Advanced workshops

Specialist workshops on themes of the student's choice - extended sessions - covering

  • Black and White photography
  • Macro,
  • Studio portrait photography,
  • Specialist photography,
  • High speed photography 

These are workshops rather than classes - enabling the subjects to be explored in depth.

All these courses are available as private lessons - in the one-hour format or 3-hour sessions.

Private lessons can be taken during the day, evenings or at weekends and are also ideal for families, couples or to complete training in a shortened time period prior to a special vacation or trip.

Contact us for to discuss your requirements.

The Magic of Film...

Want to experience black and white film processing?

We have 35mm, medium format and large format film cameras.

Learn how to process film easily at your own kitchen sink - and how to scan it to your computer or use a digital camera to convert the negatives to image files.

Need help choosing a camera?

Come try out a whole range and see what works for you...we can help you choose your first kit, essential accessories and the right format.

Want to shoot video too?  Then we can help choose the best camera for both stills and video - we use them professionally and for fun.

We have:

  • Micro 4/3 cameras
  • Mirrorless cameras from Sony and Fuji
  • Full frame DSLRs
  • Full range of pro and consumer lenses
  • Lens adaptors - to use SLR lenses on mirrorless cameras
  • Specialist lenses
  • Full studio lighting

Meet the Instructor...

David Haynes is a professional photographer and cinematographer. David’s work has taken him to almost every continent and over 50 countries. His work can be seen on National Geographic, the BBC, Discovery and in many publications such as the New York Times.

From macro insect photography to the wildlife of the Mara, industrial mega-builds to environmental portraits, jungles to deserts and the Arctic wilderness, David has photographed on location for over 15 years.

More recently he has merged his photography with his passion for digital arts resulting in a unique and personal perspective on the world he captures through his lens.