FFA took to the skies this weekend with our partners: Drone Academy!

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The workshop included an introduction to drones, controls and cameras, with 2 models demonstrated.  The latest FAA rules and regulations, and changes currently being planned.

Then everyone moved outside to see the drones in action!



Commercial pilot - Keith from Drone Academy - takes the DJI Phantom up.  Note how the gimbal mount keeps the camera level even as the drone pitches.  



The Phantom controller connects to your iPad for camera feed and flight data - Keith connected his to a TV as well so the class could see the information more clearly.



Another type of drone being demonstrated - the Yuneec Typhoon - takes to the sky over Winter Garden.  This one has several controls ideal for the learner pilot - and can even follow you automatically!



Not all drones are big camera platforms - Mitch from Graves RC demonstrates a small indoor and highly maneuverable  mini drone prior to the start of the workshop...



Don't miss our upcoming workshop where YOU are trained to fly a drone!