DSLR Summer Camp: July 2016


The boys:

Jared, Jake, Dylan, Hunter, Brent and Evan


Girls team 1:

Lily, Maddie and Simran


Girls team 2:

Priya, Laura, Natasha and Alex


Setting up for the shot – full crew preparing to film a scene – behind the scenes being filmed in the background!


Behind the scenes footage was filmed all week for the documentary that each team also had to produce.


Each team recorded independent sound using mics and external recorders – sound being sync’d in post.


Poster for one of the main movies – “Aspire To Be”

Each team produced a main movie for submission to film festivals.  They also produced a behind the scenes documentary and a trailer plus a number of fun, short films.

Video Playlist

The main movies from each team have been entered for festivals and so can’t be broadcast here until submissions have been judged!