Main Movie, Behind the Scenes and a Trailer - a full week with a talented team of filmmakers...


  • Reggie and Wyatt confront the shadow...
  • Ricky as "Bryce" descends into madness...
  • Professor Andrew Gay of UCF giving an intro to scripting
  • "One Choice" in edit
  • Wyatt scripting "The Shadow"
  • The Shadow
  • Talented filmmakers - Emma, Ian and Morgan
  • Lauren being filmed for behind the scenes
  • Preparing to film the garage door sequence
  • Ryan - from "The Shadow"
  • Wyatt and Reggie prepare to storm the building

A challenging week for our young filmmakers on the first DSLR summer camp this week...

This is a whole new level of filmmaking for our students - tasked with producing a movie, trailer and behind the scenes documentary.

Split into two teams, they had to come up with their own story and script it on the Monday.  Professor Andrew Gay from UCF spent some hours with the teams, teaching the fundamentals of scripting and helping them hone their stories.  

Tuesday and Wednesday were the filming days!  Using Canon T5i cameras, Sennheiser 416 boom mics and external recorders, this is a much more complex approach to filming than most were used to.  Workflow is all important, with backups, sync via PluralEyes and then editing in Final Cut Pro X.

We were repeatedly amazed at the creativity, skill and dedication of the teams - they put their heart and souls into the process and that hard work paid off.

Editing is a challenge in itself - a day and a half in front of the edit suite, filming pickups, filming behind the scenes and editing that.  Excellent work by all - see the results below!


One Choice - Main Movie

The Shadow - Main Movie


One Choice - Trailer


The Shadow - Trailer


One Choice - Behind the Scenes!


The Shadow - Behind the Scenes!