DSLR Main Movie: Spring 2016

The DSLR class are working on their final movie for the year!  Dealing with all the usual movie-making headaches – like noisy locations, bad weather, replacing actors due to schedule conflicts and last minute changes – the team has one more scene to film.

They are using the Canon C300 camera with pro sound gear – in place of the usual Canon 70D DSLR – for maximum quality.

Dealing with the high contrast of Florida sunshine is much easier with the C300’s custom log curve.

Michael, Rebecca and Callum

Three members of the class who ‘volunteered’ for acting roles!

Rebecca and Senti

FFA regular, Senti stepped in for a role in the movie – filming on location at the Pavillion.  Rebecca, a new member of the DSLR team, jumped straight into her part – perfect timing!


Callum stepped into the principal role as ‘Tony’ when the first week of filming clashed with exams – causing a lack of available actors.  He proved perfect in the part!

With just one short scene left to film, the race is on to complete the movie.  Editing begins in parallel with the final filming – true Hollywood style…

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