FREE Membership Savings Card!

Florida Film Academy has partnered with local downtown Winter Garden shops and restaurants to bring YOU this savings card!


  • Do you send your student to our After School Programs?
  • Are you a Homeschool Family?
  • Are you an Adult enrolled in Multiple Courses?

Then this EXCLUSIVE Discount Card is FREE for you!!


Why is this beneficial? A lot of parents drop off their kids for an hour at our After School classes and wait for their kids before heading home. Well why not spend some time shopping along Plant Street? Or grab a quick Coffee and check a few emails and get a discount while doing it!


Does everyone get this card? No. You must be a Florida Film Academy Family/Student registered in our membership program to receive this card.


What businesses on Plant Street does it include? Check below to see all the merchants and discount listings!


How do I receive the card? While dropping off your children you will sign up for your free card and be able to use it immediately!

FFA Member Merchant Listing