I have loved movies ever since I was little; I would beg my parents to take me to the theater every weekend. The excitement would build as the lights dimmed; the sheer power of the epic experience to come would reverberate through my entire being not only during the movie, but also for days after it ended. I couldn’t wait to go back.

I began to take a serious interest in films when I entered high school, watching them with a new eye for technicality. I began to recognize simple techniques and began to recreate them on my own short films. I began to realize that my interest was not entirely in the filming aspect, but rather the composing of the video collected. The beauty of turning useless, raw footage into a piece of art was, to me, the most intricate aspect of the filmmaking process. The sheer amount of freedom burdened with the utmost responsibility, the thrill of determining the proportions final product was overwhelming.

In school I had access to Final Cut Pro, and it was on this software that I honed my editing skills. When schools hours could not quell my desires, I purchased Final Cut Express, a less intricate version of its Professional counterpart, to allow me to continue my creative output from the comfort of my home. The video here, along with many others, was also edited on Final Cut Express.