Filmmaking Adults: The Shoot

After weeks of planning, scripting and collaboration, the filmmaker team completed filming of their festival movie!

The seven hour shoot involved 2 locations, mixed lighting, 3 actors and the usual last minute changes and compromises involved in making a movie…

This frame – straight from camera – shows the advantage of using a professional camera.  The custom C Log curve captures details in both shadows and highlights – essential when filming outside in the Florida sunshine.

Carl Skipper

Another great portrayal by Carl in this movie, he has acted in all 3 of the movies made by this class.  Seen here holding a color correction chart – used in post production for correct grading.

Senti Hamlett

A long term FFA student, Senti is a super actor with a very professional attitude.  Senti attends Master Class – part of our after school program.

Kathy Gregory

Kathy is a professional actor who starred in the previous filmmaking class movie “The Limelight’.  Special thanks deserved to Kathy for this shoot – she had to race from an audition in Tampa the morning of filming to make it to Winter Garden in time!

An excellent finish to the Spring filmmaker class!

The movie is now in edit and once ready, will be submitted to the festival.
This team has another movie already submitted to an international film festival.
Two festival level short films in just a few weeks is a great achievement!