Hollywood Screenwriter visits FFA!

Screenwriter Mark Moorer visited Florida Film Academy today to talk about his upcoming movie “Galleon” – set off the coast of St Augustine, Florida.

FFA students enjoyed an inspiring talk followed by a question and answer session with Mark – and convinced him to autograph their camp T Shirts!


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Here’s the movie synopsis from the official website:
What if you found one of the worlds largest treasures…by accident?

After a record-breaking hurricane wreaks havoc along the coastline of St.Augustine, Florida, the thrill-seeking son of a world- famous oceanographer, accidentally uncovers a 16th Century Spanish galleon, almost 300 feet below the surface of the Atlantic.

The 381 year old ship rests completely intact, on a very unstable underwater ravine. He must battle the dangers of the Atlantic itself. From deep ocean diving, shark infested waters, and treasure pirates who are after it’s bounty. It’s a race against time, to bring up one of the largest fortunes, lost to time and tide. ​

From Screenwriter Mark Moorer and Director Boyd Shermis.


And Mark’s bio:

Mark Moorer has been involved in film and television for over 13 years. Mark has worked on over 12 films, created and produced original programming for television, and written numerous screenplays.

Mark’s other passion is the ocean. He, along with director Boyd, are both avid scuba divers. Mark loves surfing and educating people on the importance of ocean conservation.


Visit the movie’s official website for more information…