Our annual 24hr Halloween film challenge was this weekend - and everyone survived!

Special thanks once again to Donna, Pete and Micah!


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The Movies:


Great to welcome back 2 of our summer stars - Matthew and Heather - joining FFA regulars, Maddie and Ryan!

Great teamwork, terrifying turn by Ryan as our mysterious killer; Heather perfect as the dead-pan friend to enthusiastic Maddie and an awesome performance by Matthew as the over-caffeinated and weird campsite owner.



Getting their feet wet in the forest of Groveland for the first time: Wade, Miguel and Ben.

They started filming almost before their parents finished dropping them off and continued flat out for the whole event.  Visual fx on the title sequence are pure excellence - both imaginative and technically clever.  

Great story, filming and edit!


He's Back!

FFA stars, Wyatt and Cooper, were joined by Tess and creative genius: J Money...

Murderers, Aliens, sacred burial grounds and a posessed truck - all taken in stride by J Money.  Kudos for the best backflip in an FFA production by Tess!

Wyatt scores with the best single shot of the weekend for his filming at the end of the movie (the truck starting up), and Cooper's edit is spot on with multilayered audio and adjustment layers (in FCPX!).



Screenshot from the edit - typical of the complexity for our more advanced students and with video adjustment layers courtesy of a trick from Motion.