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FFA students, Wyatt Parks and Laura Hamaric conducted a Skype interview with Julian Clark - fabricator of the armatures for the new Shaun The Sheep movie.  

Armatures are the 'skeletons' of figures used for stop motion - steel framed with ball and socket joints to allow precise movements during the filming process.  FFA uses the Julian Clark armatures for our AniMotion course.

Wyatt and Laura attend the High School Film Academy course at FFA and their interview with Julian is part of a series of projects connected with local news and film industry outreach.  The story appeared in the West Orange Times and the full video version is above.

The trailer for the Shaun the Sheep movie features several characters built on Julian's armatures - so watch it in the slideshow above while waiting for the full movie to be released!

Julian Clark Studios facebook page is here.