FFA student, Max, joined the crew on a real shoot this week in New York – part of a 3 year filming project.  Blending sound and camera roles allowed him to experience a range of disciplines in modern TV production.



What did you enjoy most about the shoot?

The experience I made at the shoot was very interesting, as I got to learn what an actual documentary filming session looks like. Of all the events that occurred, I would have to say that I enjoyed filming the most. I got the chance to operate the B camera, and handling a professional camera gave me the ability to realize how interesting the task of filming can be. Also, by using the camera, I learned a lot about cameras such as the configuration, focus, and filming techniques that improved my confidence and knowledge regarding the use of professional cameras.

Take us through your day…

The day of the experience was filled with numerous events. The first thing that I got to do when arriving at the shoot was prepare all equipment. This included unpacking the flight cases with lenses, microphones, and other equipment that was required throughout the day. Afterwards, the walk-through of the location was done, seeking potential filming material that could be useful. After discovering useful material, the operation of the camera began. I was responsible for providing any lenses or other camera equipment when needed. After about an hour, I got the chance to start using the B camera to capture some secondary shots that could be used in the production – as well as a chance to use the main camera! Throughout the rest of the day, there was a combination of being responsible for audio during interviews and operating the B camera. At the end of the day, the packing of all camera equipment was a final step in my experience.

What suprised you the most about the shoot?

What surprised me the most about the shoot was how much material can be filmed in a single location. I learned that every detail about a setting of a production has potential to contribute to the final show. I was also surprised about how much material can be captured when being focused and concentrated on the job. Overall, the entire experience has opened my eyes to the real world of filmmaking, and it has encouraged me to learn even more about film.