Saturday’s one-on-one Macro Workshop was a great success…

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  • Reproduction Ratios – sub macro to 4:1
  • Macro equipment
  • Bellows and Lenses
  • Working Distance, macro rails
  • Product, Nature and Wildlife Macro
  • Macro Flash, Remote flash
  • Light tents and setups
  • Focus Stacking
  • Handheld in the field



An example of Focus Stacking in Macro Photography.  At macro ratios, depth of field is very shallow – sometimes in the order of a millimetre – so taking multiple shots at different focus points and stacking them in Photoshop is one very useful technique.  This example used macro focus rails as well as autobellows and a 90mm macro lens on a Nikon D800.  Overall size of the product is around 0.75inches.

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Studio setup for training– a full range of macro equipment along with a light tent and multiple remote flashes.  The camera is a Nikon D800 fitted with 90mm macro lens on bellows (for greater than 1:1 macro ranges), macro lens mounted flash, shooting tethered to a Mac for instant review of photos for checking critical focus – the monitor is fully color calibrated.  Flowers were fresh from the Winter Garden Farmers Market.

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