A full house for our Awards ceremony on Friday - opened by the Mayor!

 Thank you to all our families for supporting the awards ceremony on Friday night!  

A marathon session as we covered 2 months worth of amazing movies by your incredibly talented children...and congratulations to the winners!

Special thanks to the Mayor who opened the ceremony - and the FFA/Winter Garden photo exhibition in the foyer. 

An excellent way to end the academic year - we look forward to our wonderful students returning in the fall!



Emma, Jake, Preston and Wyatt moved up to DSLR filming in this last module...using modern filming techniques, independent sound recording, large chip cameras and more complex post production...

This is the natural progression for all our filmmakers, once they have proven their enthusiasm, techniques and responsibility.

Equipment used:  Canon 70D, Canon T5i, Sennhesier 416 boom mic with radio link to a Sony PCM sound recorder, Manfrotto tripod and fluid head, manfrotto monopod.  Pixeleyes v3 for sync of sound and video in post production; dual screen Final Cut ProX with Magic Bullet Looks.

May 2014 Awards Part 1

May Awards Part 2