My name is Morgan Goldstein and I attend Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. I major in Sports Management and minor in Multi Media Journalism.

Since junior year of high school I knew I wanted to be a journalist. I partnered my love of print and broadcast journalism with my passion for sports and quickly aspired to analyze football on a pregame show. To achieve this goal I decided to sign up for a broadcast journalism elective course my senior year.

During the class, taught by Stefanie Esquijarosa, we learned everything there is about broadcasting. I learned to shoot and edit film, write scripts for the anchors, read from a teleprompter and more. Most importantly I lead my classmates during our weekly news broadcast as executive producer.

Currently I major in sports management in order to understand a different aspect of the game compared to a regular fan. My multi media journalism minor ensures that I will still learn more about how different print and broadcasting techniques to get my opinions to the public. I intern for Lynn University’s Sports Information Department by filming sporting events and editing the film for fans.



Moving On

The Fighting Knights Says Goodbye to Fourteen Men’s Soccer Players
By: Morgan Goldstein


Lynn University’s nationally ranked Men’s Soccer team honors fourteen seniors who will graduate in the spring during the blustery Oct. 27 game against Florida Tech. The emotional farewell reminds current players that they must step up next season to replace half of their team and of fond memoires of their teammates.

Senior Day traditionally marks the final home game of the season, however, because Lynn is Division Champions, they have the opportunity to play on Friday Nov. 1 at the McCusker Sports Complex. With the conference sports games ahead of the team, they are focusing on tournament play rather than the finality of the senior’s collegiate career. “Since there will be the post-season, we don’t think about that right now,” said graduate student, Kerst Lehman. “The Conference Tournament is ahead of us and this is everything we think about right now”.

The windy Saturday afternoon could not deter Lynn’s seniors from showing off their great Blue and White achievements. The seniors recognized included: Michael Kutscher, A.B. Magnusson, Julian Halder, Joey Maxon, Thor Olafs, Heiko Eberhardt and James Alred. Players eagerly watched their seniors be recognized for their had work over the years. “We grew together as a team and every player knows his strengths and weaknesses,” said Lehman. The family like atmosphere that the locker room had over the years will not be duplicated in the years to come.

The team has been through ups and downs in the past, including a heartbreaking loss in the NCAA championship game last year, but they still remain a team. “Sticking together is one of our strengths” said Lehman. Lehman and the rest of the soccer team will be playing not only for a tournament win but an NCAA title for themselves and the seniors. “No matter where they will end up in their career, I wish them all the best. I appreciate every single game that I was able to play with them.”