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We moved to Orlando from NY a little over 7 years ago. During those 7 years, my husband and I have gotten a few extra grey hairs trying to find the right extracurricular activities for the boys. We have tried every sport, and club in the area. Usually after dealing with whining, tantrums, and other maladaptive behavior from boys, we are pleased if we make it through 1 season. The problem is that they are not interested in competitive sports, and that seems to be focus of many of the youth activities in area (even if mission states otherwise).

When I first saw FFA, I was actually in search of a martial arts club. When I first visited with boys, I expected the usual reluctance but there was just quiet attentiveness as they listened to you describe program. Then when they sat quietly, without the crying and tantruming,while I completed the enrollment forms, I was in disbelief. They loved the camp! Some days, I tried to bribe them into skipping a day so that I can get more sleep after grueling night at work. They refused to miss a session.

This has been our best summer break. I thank FFA for creating a camp that is really focused in creating well-rounded kids with healthy self-esteem. The boys finally found a place where they belong. They are now doing the after-school program.

Thanks to the staff of FFA!

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