Tuesday’s Creative Photography Group went full ‘noir’ this week as they started the book collaboration…


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Having covered the basics of lighting last week – and how to take a flattering corporate portrait – the team let loose their imaginations with a blend of available and artificial lighting.

Working with the writing course, we had to come up with some interesting portraits to get the book started.  Kudos to Jeff for switching immediately to black and white – recognising the value of that for the subject and mood.

Big thanks also to Martin – who sacrificed some of his ‘camera time’ to serve as actor and stunt man.  He wins the award for ‘Best Severed Head in a Filing Cabinet’.

Photos were post produced by David using a mix of Kubota Actions and Nik Silver Efex Pro2 for the black and white conversions.  The harsh, grainy, noir look is intentional to match the subject.