Photography Field Camp at Flagler College
St Augustine

Photographers were challenged with telling the history of St Augustine through color and texture.

Photograph by Lucas Eagle

FFA’s new Summer Photography Experience at Flagler College in historic St Augustine!

A talented team of young photographers joined us in St Augustine for 3 days – both residential students, staying in Flagler College dorms, and day students.

Their challenge was to produce their own photo book detailing the history of St Augustine through color and texture – and the results were dazzling!

The team took thousands of photos and had to whittle their collections down to fit in the books!

Color, texture and history.

Photograph by Jade Morrison

Some of the photographers in action!

Photos by the students

All the photographers post-produced their own images in Lightroom with guidance by FFA instructors.

Providing a welcome break from the summer heat, the photo students used the Flagler College Mac Lab for all post production. Sorting, filtering and stylizing photos using Lightroom, the final results were formed into photo books online and sent for printing!  Each student produced their own book, using their choice of pictures and layout with full creative freedom!

We are very proud of these amazing young photographers and what they have achieved!