The penultimate week of the Adult Photography01 evening class produced some stunning images last night.

[portfolio_slideshow id=1472]

Concentrating on the creative rather than technical aspects of photography for the past 5 weeks, the team has covered:

  • Framing and rule of thirds
  • Isolation and dynamic angles
  • Exposure
  • Creative use of white balance
  • Selective focus
  • Light and color in composition
  • Effect of lens choice and zoom on composition
  • Storytelling thru composition and image sequences

Last night we put all these together – the challenge being to create images with texture and color and isolated details.

Learning to ‘see’ is a key part of growing as a photographer and this kind of exercise is not only a useful measure of that skill but one that ignites it further.

“The more I see, the more I realise there is to see…” was my favorite comment of the evening!

The slideshow above has a few examples of the more than 200 images created last night – more to come.



And some examples from previous weeks – including storytelling through composition, framing for portraits and framing for architecture…

[portfolio_slideshow id=1488]