• Reggie with 2 of his sketches - FFA instructors: David and Kay
  • Kristian and Charlene work on the edit while Reggie works on another storyboard

Reggie - long time student at FFA and universally popular - joined us for the DSLR course last week.

In addition to working with Kristian, Charlene and Rebecca on the stunning short film "Un Nuovo Inizio", he put his artistic skills to use drawing up storyboards and then producing sketches of every member of the course - and instructors.

The slideshow below shows each member of the 3 teams plus instructors!

Well done Reggie - great work from a young man with true artistic talent - we're very proud of you...

(More on the DSLR course here)

  • Reggie - with sound boom
  • Kristian
  • Charlene
  • Rebecca
  • Anthony
  • Laura
  • Zan
  • Preston
  • Isabella
  • Garrett
  • Mason
  • Ricky - FFA Instructor and Actor
  • David - Advanced Film and Photography Instructor
  • Kay - CEO Florida Film Academy