A look back at our Summer Camp Program for 2014 - see all the resulting movies in the Student Channel!


Action, Adventure, Zombies, Stunts and Special FX...welcome to the new camp schedule at FFA!

Make a Movie Week: June 9-13

Want to learn what it takes to Make a Movie? Bring your imagination to our classic "Make a Movie" camp.

There is no theme this week, just your own brilliant ideas!

Learn to film, edit, and produce an original movie, trailer and behind the scenes bio of your team!

We end the week with a family film screening where you get to showcase your film!


Adventure Week: June 16-20

Adventure...one of the most exciting genres in Hollywood movie classics!

Spend a week at Florida Film Academy learning what it takes to create your own Adventure film!

If you love Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars Super Heroes, or a good old fashioned treasure hunt then this is the week to experience a new movie making adventure all of your own!


Move aside 007, the Florida Film Academy team is in town!    

Action movie week is all about learning the techniques that make a great action film.  

Disappearing characters, suspenseful story writing, chase sequences and computer graphic explosions all combine to show just what the Florida Film Academy students are made of.


ON LOCATION: June 30 - July 2

During this film camp students have just THREE days to make a movie! 

Day One - Students learn what it takes to make a film, create their script and get ready for filming.   

Day Two - It's on location.  Students experience working in the elements, how to be organized on a film shoot, and how to work together to film their entire movie in one day! 

Day Three - Back to the studio in time to edit the footage and make sure everything is ready for the audience in our end of camp premiere!

Acting for the Camera/Acting for the Stage: July 7-11

This partnership camp with Garden Theatre is a local favorite!

Students get to experience BOTH sides of acting!

Students spend the first half of their day at Florida Film Academy where they dive into the world of auditioning, camera techniques, acting on screen techniques and more. Then it's over to the Garden Theatre where they learn what it takes to act on the big stage!

The week ends with a dual performance from students!

Campers are to be dropped off at Florida Film Academy at 9:00am and are at our facility until 1:00pm. From 1:00pm-4:00pm students are at the Garden Theatre. Pick up is at 4:00pm for this session and students are to be picked up at the Garden Theatre.

On Friday we will have a 3:00pm showcase at the Garden Theatre.

Garden Theatre address: 160 West Plant Street Winter Garden Fl. 34787 (just half a block from Florida Film Academy location)


Movie Magic: July 7-11

Ever watched a film and wondered, "How do they do that?”  

Well not only will you learn some of those movie 'secrets' - but you'll be making your very own film using tricks and techniques.

Some examples are slow motion effects, green screen effects, Go Pro Cameras, bird’s eye camera shots and creating original Foley/sound effects, tilt-shift, Alfred Hitchcock film techniques and more!

Make Up Pro: July 14-18

Last year we taught students how to create extraordinary characters with movie make-up...  

Well this year we're stepping it up a notch with beginner make-up tutorials and advanced make up prosthetics!  

You'll definitely be prepared for Halloween 2014.

Camp SFX: July 21-25

It's time to disappear.  On screen anyway.  

Learn some new filming and editing tricks to apply to your very own movies, in this one-week film camp.

Zombie Take Over: July 28 – August 1


Are you a Walking Dead fan? Then this is the camp for you!  

Clever zombie make-up techniques, torn costumes, homemade blood…and your very own zombie movie at the end.  

This is a one of a kind film camp you DON’T want to miss!


Stunt Week: August 4-8

During this session students will learn how to choreograph special stunt sequences from local martial arts experts and will learn how to film these sequences and apply them to their films!