From very beginner to absolute professional...

  • Sony F3L - fully rigged - with Nanoflash recorder.
  • Avid Symphony Nitris finishing system
  • Sony HDCAM TV camera
  • Canon C300 with Deity Mira viewfinder attached on simple rig
  • Sony Z7 - small chip, mid level professional camera
  • Camcorder - auto focus and exposure - very easy to use
  • Range of stills cameras with HD video recording capabilities - inc mirrorless and HDSLR
  • Range of lenses for both stills and video
  • Final Cut Pro X - our main edit suite
  • Da Vinci Resolve grading software
  • Adobe Premiere edit suite
  • External sound recorder for HDSLR


We are fully Mac based

  • Avid Media Composer
  • Avid Symphony Nitris
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Final Cut Pro X (main edit choice for students)
  • Adobe After FX
  • Final Draft
  • Celtx
  • Da Vinci Resolve
  • Lightroom 5
  • Photoshop CC - with wide choice of plugins

Photoshop Plugins

  • NIK - full range
  • Topaz - full range
  • Magic Bullet Looks
  • Photocopy art filters
  • Tiffen DFX
  • Kubota Actions


Choice of hardware depends on the student's level of ability and progression

Computers are all Mac - iMac, Macbook Pro and Mac Pro


  • Canon and Sony mini camcorders (fully auto functions for beginners)
  • HDSLR - Nikon D800 and Panasonic GH2 (hacked)
  • Mirrorless - Nikon J1, Sony NEX 5N
  • GoPro and Muvi
  • Canon C300
  • Sony F3L
  • Sony HDCAM HDW
  • Full range of accessories - lighting, sound equipment, tripods, sliders, rigs, power etc


  • Nikon D800
  • Nikon D90
  • Fuji XE1
  • Full range of pro lenses
  • Full range of DX lenses
  • Specialist lenses - inc Lensbaby, tilt/shift
  • 35mm film - Nikon, Contax, Olympus
  • Medium Format film - Bronica
  • Large format film - Cambo
  • Film processing equipment and scanners
  • Studio Lighting - strobes and speedlights, remote triggers, softboxes and other modifiers