Learn how to produce better video for your business...

  • Sony solid state mid-range TV camera
  • Solid state mini video camera
  • HDSLRs and mirrorless cameras - all capable of excellent video recording
  • Range of lenses for modern cameras
  • Final Cut Pro X - powerful yet easy to learn - capable of full professional standard editing
  • External audio recorder - sound is key to any production and recorders are essential for any filming being done on a non-professional camera

Florida Film Academy offers training courses designed specifically for business owners.

Our one-day course covers:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Learn the techniques to keep your customers engaged
  • Camera training
  • Understanding the rules of videography
  • How to capture compelling visuals
  • Interview techniques
  • Editing
  • Effects and music
  • Understanding Copright, Release Forms, Music Rights, Third Party Rights
  • Choosing the equipment that's best for you - and your budget

Whether you’re producing Marketing, Product Highlights, “How To’s”, Sales or Training videos - we’ll teach you everything you need to stand out from the crowd!

The Details...

  • Our video production workshops are intensive one day training courses 

  • The cost per person is $490

  • Each course has a maximum of ten people

  • Our Instructors are professionals in their field, they do this every day for some of the biggest networks in the world. 

  • We provide all the equipment for training    


Our instructors are professional producers, scriptwriters and videographers with over 50 years combined experience. They have produced hundreds of hours of network programming and commercials for global companies, including the ever popular National Geographic Mega Factories series. 


For customers wanting to steer the course exactly to their requirements, we can also provide One on One or Team Training.