Summer Film Camp at Lake Mary Prep
Our 13 to 17 group shined this summer!

Super heroes, mistaken identity, twins and more twins, making smart choices or not?
All the themes for the FFA summer film camp at Lake Mary Prep in Lake Mary, Florida were wide ranged and especially creative!


Adrian says they are “ready for the big time!” and we should look for their upcoming work in Hollywood.

Working together and helping each other out on their films was one of Oriana’s favorite parts of the camp.

Nia commented on how long it took to film what turned out to be just a few minutes of edited product, especially when you had as many scenes as Martin! (Martin filmed A LOT!)

Everyone learned to storyboard, script, use iMovie, Celtix, and also got to practice their acting for the camera.

Overall, it was a fun packed week!