“FFA Film Camp was such a great learning experience for our son!  He is excited about everything he learned and is already working on his next film.  Stefanie, the instructor, was phenomenal and kept the kids engaged all week.  I would HIGHLY recommend this camp!”
– Amanda H. – FFA Mom


“Blaine is so proud of his film and really loved the camp.”
– Stacie R. – FFA Mom


“Thank you!!!
Devin had a blast. Since he has his own camcorder, it will be great that he can do his own projects.”
– Regina C. – FFA Mom


“Great camp! Ethan had a blast. I wasn’t at the premiere, but Marten remarked how much acting was necessary for the kids, which was fun! I knew Ethan would like the technical side of the process but was pleasantly surprised that he also enjoyed being in front of the camera.”
– Krissie K. -FFA Mom


“My son, Ricky, absolutely LOVED the camp. Cindy did a wonderful job making it fun for the kids. He has already asked me to sign him up for next summer!”
– Leila F. – FFA Mom


“Dear FFA,
“I wanted to let you know that Rachel really learned a lot during her week at film camp this summer. Last weekend, she decided to make a short film using her brother and herself as actors. Rachel actively used techniques and terminology learned in class. For instance, she had her brother run down a hallway toward the camera (like in the zombie movie), and she wasn’t as concerned with filming out of sequence. At one point, she handed me the camera and told me to “do a close up” and “pan from the doorway to the kitchen.” Rachel’s final movie had a different, more polished feel than her previous mini movies. She was thoughtful about the use of background music to set the scenes, and I noticed that she used more close ups to try to convey emotion. She even made a movie trailer to advertise her film!

“Thank you for providing such a fun and supportive environment for Rachel to learn more about film-making. I also enjoyed talking to you and your assistant, Rachel, about the various job opportunities for those interested in this field. My take away from summer camp was that this could be a career path for Rachel and not just a hobby.

“Thanks again!”
– Linda C. – FFA Mom