Filmmaking for Adults – new movie!


Billy Sexton – wrote the script and planned the shoot…and had a cameo role in the support group scene.

Kannan and Val are from the filmmaker class and worked with Billy and FFA instructors during the planning and filming stages.  Tyler joined the crew to help out with sound.


Kathy Gregory had the starring role and performed superbly in 2 consecutive 10-hour days of filming.  Kathy also acted in Billy’s previous short film – The Limelight.


Always a pleasure to work with Carl – another FFA graduate from the spring class.  Fresh from working on “The Whistle”, Carl stepped in as the concerned brother in this movie.


Fully scheduled and budgeted, with props, wardrobe and set dressing…the apartment in Winter Garden was rented for the 2 day shoot following detailed location scouting.


Beth Brewster rejoined the team – both in an acting role and as the voice of the newscaster.  Beth also worked with us on “The Limelight” and did a fabulous job here too.


Thanks also to Brian who joined us for the shoot on Saturday night – doing a great job as the support group counselor.


Tyler Santostefano (seen here on the right of frame) worked hard both days as part of the crew and then stepped in for a cameo role as part of the support group!


Script was written in Celtx Online – allowing for group collaboration and feedback during scripting and scheduling.  The team also created a master catalog of props, wardrobe and set dressing as well as generating call sheets for the shoot days.


Last minute annotations – fine tuning story to match location changes.


The strip board, generated by Celtx, for the 2 shoot days.

Filmmaking for Adults